January 2015              

Assemble Steering Committee


January-March 2015   

Prepare Draft Self-Study Design


March 2015                

Submit Draft of Self-Study Design to Heather Perfetti


April 2015                 

Heather Perfetti, MSCHE VP, visits to provide feedback on Design


June 2015                   

Self-Study Design Revisions Complete (with July approval from MSCHE)


June-August 2015        

Preparation of Documentation Repository for use by Working Groups


Sept-Nov 2015                       

Working Groups meet, review data, conduct interviews


Sept-Nov 2015                       

Steering Committee meets to review progress of Working Groups


December 2015           

Detailed outlines for Working Group reports due to Steering Committee;

Feedback from Steering Committee provided to Working Groups


January 2016              

First drafts of reports from Working Groups due to Steering Committee;

Feedback from Steering Committee provided to Working Groups


January-May 2016      

MSCHE Evaluation Team Chair selected and confirmed


April 2016                  

Second drafts from Working Groups submitted to Self-Study tri-chairs


May-July 2016            

Tri-chairs draft complete Self-Study based on Working Group reports


August – Sept. 2016    

Review and community-wide discussion of Self-Study; revisions made as necessary based on feedback

Begin preparation of Verification of Compliance Report


October 2016              

Second draft of Self-Study generated and distributed


October 2016              

Self-Study Draft sent to MSCHE Evaluation Team Chair


November 2016          

Preliminary Visit by Team Chair; feedback on Self-Study Draft


Dec 2016 – Jan 2017   

Edits/Revisions to Self-Study based upon feedback from Team Chair

Verification of Compliance Report (due in December)


February 2017             

Final Version of Self-Study produced & sent to Visiting Team (6 weeks prior)


March/April 2017       

Visiting Team on campus (no later than April 15, 2017)


June 2017                   

Commission meets to determine Accreditation Action


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