Welcome to Widener University Middle States News.

The goal of this site is to share updates on our progress through the process of Middle States re-accreditation.  We are undertaking a comprehensive institutional self-study in order to apply for re-accreditation, a process that is deeply linked to our strategic plan.  This is an exciting time for Widener, as we take the next two academic years (2015-2017) to examine how we are educating our students and fulfilling our mission, and how we might use what we learn to move forward with our strategic priorities.

The process began with the design of a self-study and the formation of working groups, each assigned to a Middle States standard.  The self-study design has been approved by our Middle States liaison, and working groups will commence their institutional analysis over AY 2015-2016.  Once our final report has been submitted in 2016, we will begin planning for our evaluation visit in 2017.  (See the Timeline for more details.)

In addition to undertaking the comprehensive self-study for re-accreditation, Widener has also been invited to participate in the Collaborative Implementation Project.  Middle States has recently revised and streamlined its standards, ensuring that an emphasis is placed on student success and transformation, and that institutions are mission-driven in their pursuit of excellence.  Fifteen institutions, Widener among them, have been charged with undertaking their self-study using the new standards in a pilot program that involves extensive collaboration among the cohort members, a sort of “train the trainers” model.  These fifteen institutions, after providing feedback to Middle States on the use of the new standards, will then assist the organization with helping other Middle States colleges and universities implement the new standards in their own re-accreditation over the next several years.  This is an honor for Widener University, in that Middle States recognizes that we are well-positioned as an institution, thanks to our success with previous re-accreditation work and our robust strategic plan, to pilot the new standards in the CIP.


The Steering Committee for this process is aiming to be as transparent as possible, to keep every member of the campus community informed, and to provide numerous opportunities for engagement.  We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions.  Members of the campus community may post comments here, or may reach out via email, phone, etc.

In addition to this site, updates will be provided throughout the course of the re-accreditation process via General Faculty Meetings, Town Halls, Provost’s Teas, and What’s Up @ Widener.  Members of the campus community will also be alerted to new posts here via Campus Cruiser Announcements and email blasts from the Provost’s Office.

Check back regularly for news, updates, progress and deadlines–your stop for all things Middle States at Widener!



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  1. This is definitely a great go-to site for getting timely information and for sharing our progress as we prepare for Middle States re-accreditation.


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