Preparing the Self-Study: Summer Timeline

We’ll be taking a bit of a summer hiatus here on the blog, as we get down to drafting the Middle States self-study report.  The writing is well underway, thanks to the labor of the working groups.

In the meantime, here is the timeline for drafting, revising, and sharing with the campus community [NOTE: This timeline has been updated as of 24 August 2016]:

  • June 1: First draft to Provost Wilhite
  • June 10: Revisions due back to Tri-Chairs
  • July 1: Second draft to President Wollman
  • July 15: Revisions due back to Tri-Chairs
  • August 1: Third draft to Steering Committee and Executive Committee
  • August 24: Steering committee meeting and feedback received
  • September 1: Fourth draft to Widener community
  • September 8: Town Hall (location TBD)
  • September 20: Final feedback due to the Tri-Chairs from all constituents
  • September 30: Final revision sent to Provost Wilhite
  • Early-mid-October: Report sent to MSCHE Team Chair
  • November 10:  MSCHE Team Chair Visit
  • March 27–29:  MSCHE Evaluating Team Visit

Just because we’ll be offline doesn’t mean we’re not available.  As always, feel free to get in touch with questions or concerns, and have a great summer!


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