Middle States: Spring and Summer Progress

We have met another important deadline:  the final drafts of reports from the working groups are coming in.  Our next step is to begin drafting the complete self-study report, synthesizing all the work from the teams.  The tri-chairs will meet several times over the month of April to review the working group reports and formulate a plan for writing.  The self-study draft will be available for review by the campus community at the end of the summer.

Professors Krouse and Utell will give a brief update at the next General Faculty Meeting on April 25.  In the meantime, if you see a member of a Middle States working group, make sure to say thanks!

Finally, in case you missed it, a student member of the team, Ashley Rundell, was featured in a home page story on the important contributions students make to the work of the university.  Ashley shared her experiences working on Middle States here on the blog a few months ago.  We’re grateful to Ashley, and to all those who contributed so much time, energy, and expertise to this process.






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