Self-Study Design Approved: Moving Forward!

The Middle States Steering Committee is happy to announce that we have received official notification from our Middle States liaison, Dr. Heather Perfetti, that our self-study design has been approved.  In her email to Acting President Wilhite, Dr. Perfetti wrote: “I am writing to formally approve the Revised Self-Study Design Document submitted by Widener University.  Please extend my sincere appreciation to all members of the Self-Study Steering Committee for their thoughtful revisions to the document…Your institution has prepared a very useful road map to guide you through a meaningful self-study.  I want to express my sincere appreciation to your institution, again, for participating in the Collaborative Implementation Project (CIP).  Your contributions have been especially helpful, and I look forward to continuing our work together through CIP.”

The Steering Committee and the Working Groups all provided invaluable feedback on the self-study design, which presents an opportunity for us to analyze the work we are doing as an institution, as well as be forward-thinking in how we might implement the strategic plan.  The approval of the self-study design is an important step in this whole process, and a really encouraging start.


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